Southey Wins Chevron Contractor of the Year award

One of Southey’s longest standing customers, Chevron, has bestowed the honour of CHESM Contractor of the year on Southey … Again!

The award was presented to Southey at a prestigious ceremony at The Protea Fire and Ice Hotel, ORTambo.


Chevron Awards












CAPTION Part of JHB management team from Left to Right: Stephen Lishivha, Jimmy Sands, Nelly Radebe (JHB reception) and Kevin Slabbert

But special mention also goes out to the CT Division of John Ryall and Veron Worship and their team for undertaking all the maintenance on the coastal tanks in this contract.

Testament to the truly national service we offer Chevron.

The Eagle-eyed will spot there are actually 3 awards centre of the picture.

  • One is this award: 2016 contractor of the year,
  • the other is when we last won in 2014,
  • finally the other is a special award to all contractors for being part of the team that helped Chevron achieve a major milestone in 2016,

that of all operations in the downstream depots, filling stations and transport division going the whole year LTI free, from Africa to the Middle-East and Pakistan!

Proving that if Zero Harm is achievable in Petrochemical Environments – then its achievable everywhere else.