The health and safety of all employees are of paramount importance to Southey Holdings, whilst environmental protection is a critical factor in all areas of the group’s activities. We ensure that no employees are exposed to any risks or dangers when executing responsibilities and Southey Holdings’ environmental policy filters through all facets of the group.

Southey Holdings will implement a Health, Safety and Environmental management system that clearly states its overall H.S.E objectives as well as highlighting the group’s commitment to improving health and safety performance and reducing its environmental impact.

The H.S.E system will:

  • Be appropriate to the nature and scale of H.S.E risks.
  • Include a commitment to continual and sustainable improvement.
  • Include a commitment to comply with current applicable H.S.E. legislation and other legal requirements.
  • Be documented, implemented and maintained.
  • Be communicated to all employees, ensuring they are made aware of their individual obligations.
  • Be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to its objectives.