Our VISION is to dominate the mechanical engineering and construction service sectors within Africa and the Middle East through a continually expanding portfolio of diverse industrial companies.


  • Respect and Trust Employees
    Southey Holdings continuously trains and develops its employees in order to assist them in reaching their full potential within the organisation, irrespective of class, colour, or creed.
  • High Standards of Corporate Governance
    Southey Holdings holds in high esteem internationally recognised principles of corporate governance including honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Entrepreneurial Flair
    Southey Holdings’ employees are encouraged to respond quickly and act decisively in order to maintain a proactive and creative culture when faced with challenges.
  • Care for Environment
    Southey Holdings upholds a policy of care for all stakeholders, especially for the environment in which it operates. Southey Holdings considers its environmental impact at all times and uses every measure available to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Accountability
    Southey Holdings’ employees are encouraged to take responsibility, and are held accountable, for their actions. This ensures that they are not afraid to admit to mistakes and are quick to remedy them, thus upholding the image and reputation of the entire group.
  • Humility
    Southey Holdings does not profess to have all the answers and, whilst the group strives for perfection, it detests arrogance when dealing with stakeholders.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
    Southey Holdings fiercely protects its intellectual property and continues to invest heavily in research and development in order to maintain its competitive advantage.