The Corporate Services division plays the supportive and facilitative role to the operational divisions with its stated objective being to:

Provide adequate and quality Corporate services which will enable operations divisions to implement their work plans and programs in a timely manner in order to achieve their stated outcomes.

Southey Corporate Services is a well-established and functional division providing Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, SHEQ  and Assets Management services on a timely and cost effective basis that ensures operating divisions perform at an optimum level of efficiency, thereby leading to realization of the overall organizational goals and objectives.

In addition to supportive roles, this office adds value by:

  • Providing strategic direction and services to the group, including managing the expansion through acquisition programme and seeking out niche markets.
  • Improving synergies and entrenching the necessary controls and oversight as part of Southey’s overall vision.
  • Arranging funding.
  • Housing investments.
  • Consolidating financial reporting.
  • Managing Southey Property Holding
  • Southey Treasury