Southey Holdings has established a diverse and resilient manufacturing base with the potential to compete globally.

Southey Holdings is a market leader in South Africa and its brands and reputation for quality are well known and respected in the manufacturing sector. The Southey Holdings’ network of manufacturing entities adds stimulus to the marine, oil & gas and contracting divisions and also fabricates products that complement other companies within the division, such as:

  • Polystyrene – used in the manufacture of insulation panels.
  • Panels – used in manufacture of cold rooms, display cabinets and modular accommodation units.
  • Scaffolding – used by the marine, oil & gas and contracting divisions.
  • Risers

Southey manufacturing operations have the necessary resources to access and support the influx of international companies entering the sub-Saharan markets, such as:

  • Supply of accommodation camps and/or scaffolding to mining and oil & gas companies.
  • Supplying equipment into fast expanding retail companies like Shoprite Checkers and Walmart.
  • Supply of agricultural harvesting tools to the ever expanding African sugar industry.