GASCON is an internationally accredited gas tank and pressure vessel manufacturer specialising in gas tank containers, road tank barrels and static pressure vessels. The gas tank containers are built using the Containering Beam Frame Design and certified to a variety of pressure vessel and transport codes including ASME VIll Division 1 or 2 and Portable T50.

Some of the products GasCon fabricates:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Gas storage & transport
  • Cryogenics

Services offered:

Services include a destructive testing laboratory and the recertification of marine risers and other certified equipment as follows:

  • Cryogenics
  • Static storage tanks
  • Semi-trailers
  • Offshore pressure vessels and specialised welding of riser pipes
  • Drill strings

Benefits of dealing with Gascon:

  • International standards ASME U / U2 / R /DNV and ISO 3834 Accreditation
  • Research and development including many of our own designs
  • BEE Training – we are currently training 33 learners on boiler making/ welding apprenticeships
  • Modern test labs – NIST certified mechanical testing highly certified member
  • In-house test facility
  • Develop welding procedures in-house.

GasCon has an excellent track record in supplying high end fabricated products and services on time and to exacting standards demanded by the Industries it services. The company has a good base for further market expansion using its expertise, facilities and contacts and is currently expanding its services in the offshore oil and gas sector including offering the service of recertification of marine risers.