Marine Engineering

A unique and specialised area, our marine engineering and ship repair business trades under the Dormac Group. Dormac represents a dynamic combination of technical expertise, experience and innovative solutions dating back to 1903. Dormac offers marine and general engineering services in all major ports in South Africa.

Dormac has a proud record of offering complex and successful engineering solutions to vessels and rigs in distress using their experienced and innovative ship repair managers and dive teams. They are also South Africa’s only shipyard to hold a full DNV certification for 18001, 14001 and 9001. Dormac also offers a wide range of specialised engineering services including CNC machinery, steel piping and fabrications.

In 2016, Southey Holdings made its single largest capital investment into the Ship Repair industry when it acquired “Dormac Dock 1” which is the first brand new composite floating dock to enter service in Southern Africa.

Dormac Dock 1 allows Dormac to accommodate a greater volume of clients’ vessels. The dock is equipped with the latest energy-efficient technology and a computerised levelling system, as well as two brand new 16metre, 7.5 tonne cranes. It is envisaged that the Dormac shipyard will be the centre of excellence for ship repair business and provide a huge stimulus to the Durban and extended South African market in the foreseeable future.