Vision, Mission & Values


Our VISION is to lead the mechanical engineering and contracting service sectors within Africa and the Middle East through a continually expanding portfolio of diverse industrial companies.


Our MISSION is to take our world-class expertise in the fields of marine engineering, contracting services and industrial manufacturing to our current and future clients from South Africa and across Africa through the establishment of long-term value-adding relationships. We aim to achieve continuous expansion of our service offerings through further capital acquisitions and making use of the latest in industrial technological advancements.


  • Respect and Trust Employees

    We treat our employees with respect. We have due consideration for our differences and celebrate our diversity. We support and encourage our employees to reach their full potential within the organisation.

  • High Standards of Corporate Governance

    We create an environment that allows our employees to respond quickly and act decisively in order to maintain a proactive and ethically sound culture when faced with challenges.

  • Environmental Protection

    We uphold a policy of care for all stakeholders, and that includes the environments in which we operate. We continuously encourage the consideration of the environmental impact of our operations and use every measure to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Accountability

    Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their duties and be responsible in their actions and decisions. This ensures that they are not afraid to admit to mistakes and are quick to remedy them, thus upholding the image and reputation of our group both internally and to our external stakeholders.

  • Integrity

    We pride ourselves on following honest and ethical business practices. We believe in being honest and doing the right thing, all the time.

  • Protection of Intellectual Property

    Our creativity and best practice standards have been our key to success. We fiercely protect our intellectual property and continue to invest heavily in research and development in order to maintain our competitive advantage.